The aviation industry has a plethora of options to offer to beginners who wish to choose it as their career launch pad. According to projections made by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), by 2014 India will have one of the five largest domestic aviation markets with 69 million passengers; the other four being USA (671 million), China (379 million), Japan (102 million) & Brazil (90 million). This projected upsurge in the domestic market of the Indian aviation industry has created a fair number of employment opportunities for freshers as also for those with experience.These pages provide information that is useful in making career decisions.
Entry level positions with an airline, cover a wide variety of operations and duties. Most of these positions involve extensive customer service contact requiring strong interpersonal and communication skills. No previous experience is required, although you may be required to work evening or early-morning hours, adhere to a strict physical appearance, and lift heavy objects.
Most people are enamoured by a career in the avitation industry as it means touching the skies, literally. There are a number of other openings viz aircraft handling, passenger handling, aircraft appearance, cargo handling services, manpower solutions, maintenance of ground service equipment & consultancy.
To be a part of the aviation industry, you not only need the right qualification but also physical fitness & appropriate communication skills. The candidate needs to be graduate trained in airport operation, should possess good speaking/writing skills & a pleasing personality.
Equipping yourself with the right amount of knowledge before entering this domain is very crucial as it concerns the safety of lakhs of passengers. The industry looks for people with a high degree of competence. For this, there are specialised training programmes one can undergo to hone the skills that a candidate chooses to exercise during the service period the various courses offered by IESP are : Airport handling management, Cargo Management, Cabin Crew & Hospitality Management and Airport Retail Management.
Freshers who wish to join this industry should be willing to work hard & flex their work timings.
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The Aircraft ATMI is an Airlines and Airport training center estabilised in 2004. This is only training center of Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh which is running under "VAYUDOOT AIRPORT CARGO LIMITED". This is an unique training centre who provides international quality of education and placement services in Airline, Airport, travel & Tourism, and Air cargo department. As well as we are also providing training & placement services in the Airport technical field.
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