Director Message

  [Aviation Industry need 21 Lakhs new manpower in next decade.]

The aviation courses focus on some aspects of the work like airline customer support, flight attending rules, cargo marketing and management, transportation of perishable cargo, ticket reservation, regulation of traffic, customer relationship, cargo reservations, attendance of flight, flight and ground instruction, cockpit resource management, federal regulation and the federal laws on aviation, aerodynamics and the basic concepts of flying, advanced navigation procedures, multi engine flight instruction, crew synchronization, aviation safety, aviation administration and meteorology.

Employement in Aviation Industry

According to the Ministry of Civil Aviation around 3,50,000 new employees are essential in Aviation Industry to facilitate growth in the next decade. Total direct and indirect employement requres around 21,00,000 manpower for Aviation industry in the next decade.

Career Growth and Prospects
Airports are being upgraded (some by being privatised) and there is a major thrust in the aviation sector from the central and state governments. With the Indian airports becoming bigger and busier, new jobs are opening up rapidly. With the extremely lucrative nature of these jobs, the prospects for a career in the aviation industry are extremely bright.

The remuneration for those in the aviation industry is extremely high. This is primarily because careers in the aviation industry require a lot of special skills. All technical jobs are highly specialised. Pilots, too, are one of the highest earners in the country with senior pilots being paid approximately 4.5 lakh rupees to 5 lakh rupees per month. Non technical jobs such as those of air hostesses are well paid too. Even fresh starters get paid approximately Rs 20,000 per month.

Entry Qualifications: Minimum Intermediate (10+2) and or above.